In Writing on October 11, 2010 at 9:08 pm

Joining the blogosphere is an interesting thing.  I’ve been standing here at the water’s edge for ages, dipping a toe in now and again, changing my mind and heading for the refreshment counter while I watch others splash away, then coming back and debating again.  At first it seemed to me that the only people who had blogs that anyone actually read were strangers with well-paid publicists, so what was I really missing.  But as the years went on, more and more people I personally knew were pulling on swimcaps to play Marco Polo in the pool.  These days, I enjoy reading not only the blogs by strangers who now seem like friends, but also the blogs by my actual real-life friends who often share minutiae for which our real lives don’t always allow time.  And instead of doing all the taking, it’s about time I put some minutiae out there too, don’t you think?

I have always loved to write, and for most of my childhood and teenage years, being a “writer” was a huge part of my identity.  Writing started to get pushed to the back burner in college when more ambitious career goals demanded all my time and energy, and it stayed that way for a good long while.  Now I finally feel like I have the option to devote a little time to dusting off that rusty skill and reclaiming that part of myself that meant so much to me way back when.  If for nothing else, this blog will be a useful method of exercising that flabby part of my brain.  Drop down and give me fifty, brain!

The issue of anonymity, however, is a tough one.  Anyone reading this blog will most likely be reading it because they know me, and thus, there’s nothing I need to hide from you.  However, I know this isn’t the equivalent of my pink polka-dotted 3rd-grade diary under my mattress (“I hate eggplant SOOOOOOOO much!”) and that there is potential for strangers to stumble upon my site.  (Welcome, strangers!  If you are out there, I’m glad you’re here! ) However, given the nature of my job, and in order to protect my family/friends from any nutcases out there, I won’t be sharing too many personal details, at least for now.  I’ve already re-written this post a million times, wondering if I’ve revealed too much (“Can people figure out what year I graduated from college?  That I can’t swim?  That I speak English?  CRAP!”)

Turns out it’s really true.  Thoughts, opinions, dreams, latent paranoia?  There’s much more where that came from.

  1. Yes! Finally!!! Productivity be damned!

  2. Yay! For me, anyway. Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Gosh, I remember my own trepidation when I started my crappy blog. I still worry about the low-quality drivel I’m putting out there, but (obviously) those fears haven’t won me over yet. Still, your blog is awesome, you are awesome, and I’m pretty sure that you speak English.

  4. Thanks Vric! I am honoured to have the Flaneur’s comments. I am not so sure about the English but I definitely have Pig Latin down. Probably.

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