Today’s Moment of Awe

In Christianity, My thyroid on March 18, 2012 at 3:15 pm

First of all, I can’t possibly thank you all enough for the Facebook messages, e-mails, and calls we’ve received. How much easier are our burdens when they are shared! I am so grateful for every one of you, and please know that we are sending love and best wishes right back. I will thank you all individually as well, but just wanted to acknowledge you right up front and tell you how appreciated you are.

Just a quick thought for today. Throughout my life, and I’m sure many of yours, I’ve had numerous instances where I suddenly knew with a flash of clarity that God was using someone to speak to me. Today was another one of those instances. In church this morning, the woman giving the sermon opened with, of all verses, Matthew 18:20. The very same verse I blogged about yesterday. For my non-Christian friends, there are over 31,000 verses in the Bible. What are the odds that on this day she would pick that exact verse? This same speaker then went on to talk about a difficult time in her life — which began when she had a tumour in her thyroid.

There’s no such thing as a creepy coincidence when it comes to God. I knew he was telling me to listen, because he is here with us. The sermon itself went on to talk about how community multiplies our joys and lessens our griefs, and what a true message that is. And how lucky we all are, as humans, to be entitled to a relationship with God! What strange incident of happenstance has happened in your life that made you think of God?

  1. God in Heaven may use you as a tool to save, many people for the Kingdom of God during your life time career as a medical doctor. We are praying for your recovery and to see you with that BROAD smile, we always perpetuate you even from your very childhood.
    God Bless. Maven & Mavi (Abraham Samuel & Sarasu)

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